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Shipping and payment


Payment for the order and delivery is carried out directly to the courier upon receipt of the order. You are provided with payment documents - cash and / or sales receipts. Copies of quality certificates and licenses – upon prior request.

Cashless payment

For individuals: Bank payment can be used by buyers to pre-pay for an order. The receipt for payment is sent by the operator to the e-mail address of the buyer after confirming the order and clarifying the cost of delivery. You can pay for the order through any bank,delivery and payment

operating on the territory of Ukraine. The term for crediting funds is 2-3 business days. Until the receipt of funds, we do not reserve the goods of your order in the warehouse. When paying by bank transfer, an additional bank fee for the transfer of funds is charged, which averages up to 3% of the order value.

If you have a plastic card «Privatbank» (pension, settlement, credit) to make a payment by transferring funds from your card to your current account. The details of the current account will be provided to you by the Operator. Deadline for crediting funds – 1-2 hours.

For legal entities: All documents necessary for accounting (original invoice for payment, invoice, waybill, tax invoice) are issued together with the order upon receipt.


Return is possible within 1-10 days, in case of receiving a message from you about an erroneous payment or a desire to cancel the order.